by Keep This Bag Away From Children

“Be my lambs and I will be your man.” The shepherd said to his flock.  The lambs paid attention to him. No one else did. In town people ignored him. Town people annoyed him. Nobody ever listened. While they spoke his language they did not understand him. Indifference hurt. He wanted to share his life with others. They never let him.

Outside was his world. He belonged there. He lived in a house on a hill. It was a white cottage with two bedrooms. He only needed one. His house smelled of cinnamon oatmeal. Sunshine kissed him awake. When he felt the sun on his eyelids he knew the day had begun.

There were no shades in his house. He had nothing to hide. He had no neighbors. He would get up. He would wash up. He dressed in business casual. He felt business casual was appropriate for a shepherd. He said “Goodbye” to his little home every morning. The little home never said “Goodbye” back. He was fine with this it was just a house. He would be back for it. He always came back for it. The morning, afternoon and evening was dedicated to conversations with his flock.

Lambs talked to him. They said “Baa-Baa”. He imagined they said “Da-Da” like tiny babies he never had. He wanted to cradle them in his arms but he was not that strong. He wanted to tell them it would be okay and he would always look out for them. Though they would never speak his language of New Zealand-ish they instinctively knew he would always look out for them. The lambs were a big fluffy world for him to hug. And all he wanted to do in life was to give the world a big hug. The sheep were simply a beginning. They were teaching him to love everybody, even the townspeople.




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