My Friend The Painter by Eric Tyler Benick

by Keep This Bag Away From Children


A friend of mine

Paints people as they actually are

Cum all over them

Pissing and shitting inharmoniously

Their faces indistinguishable

Some confined to chains

Some dying in the snow

The rest a part of a mosaic

I cannot say

Whether or not

They are any good

I haven’t spent enough time

Thinking about them

And I don’t intend to

Some things are meaningful

Others are just sitting

In their own excrement





Eric Tyler Benick lives in a basement in Portland, OR. He likes it best when things are not on fire, but he finds it beautiful when they are. Sometimes he can’t distinguish his own life from episodes of Seinfeld. He thinks Dean Young is the best living poet, Frank O’Hara the best gay poet, Amiri Baraka the best black poet, Adrienne Rich the best woman poet, and Rainer Maria Rilke the best Christian poet.